Underside’s first debut single of 2019 “GADHIMAI’ out now !

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Gadhimai is a sacrificial ceremony that takes place every 5 years in southern Nepal at the temple of Gadhimai. Around 200000-300000 animals are slaughtered to worship the goddess while devotees seek peace, prosperity and wellbeing . It is a complete blood bath, claimed to have been banned by various organizations,[…]

Underside is almost ready to hit back the roads in Nepal

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Warsteiner Beer presents TourLyf UNDERSIDE Nepal Tour is once again back on track. After playing in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Butwal on the Phase I of the Nepal Tour back in September 2018, UNDERSIDE is now all set to hit back the roads in Nepal with very talented “CHAKACHAK” as a[…]

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