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Year 2015 had been a very dark year to Nepal and Nepalese People. 7.9 Magnitude massive
earthquake hit Nepal on April 25 – 2015, while the band UNDERSIDE just came back home after their
European Tour on March 2015. Avishek K.C. (Vocalist) & Bhuwan K.C. (Manager) from the band were
trapped in London while other band members Bikash Bhujel (Guitar) & Bikrant Shrestha (Guitar) came
back home before the massive earthquake hit Nepal. More than 12,000 people were dead and more
than 20,000 people were injured during the earthquake. 1000’s of people lost their homes, family and
their everything.

Leaving Nepal to starve again Mother Nature continued to hit back Nepal with numbers of
earthquakes and is still hitting Nepal and placed Nepal in a danger zone that can be affected by
earthquake anytime without any prior notice.

Immediately after the earthquake, The Vox and Manager from the band who stayed back in London
started to raise funds to help Nepal by busking out in the London Street collecting 250$ in the first
week. Meanwhile, the vocalist of the Swiss Metal Band “Voice Of Ruin”, started a project “Metal for
Nepal” to raise funds and help Nepal. Mr. Randy Schaller (Voice Of Ruin) started this project to
support his brothers in Metal UNDERSIDE who were doing things to help Nepal during the time of necessity. Voice Of Ruin Toured
Europe with UNDERSIDE just few days back since earthquake. When he started this project on the
27th of April 2015 he never thought it was going to spread around the world and that so many people
would be involved in this.

From May to September 2015, he organized 20Metal For Nepal shows around the world. Furthermore, around 10 support shows were organized by
friends and bands in Switzerland. So we can say 30 shows with a total of 3’000 guests and 150 metal
bands. This amount was sent to our friends from the No silence for NEPAL association (A
humanitarian project run by Guido Wyss – Commando Noise Terror, Ben Plus – Derrick and Bikrant
Shrestha – Underside) to help the earthquake victims of Nepal. With these funds, No Silence For Nepal and Members from

Underside had been active in Nepal immediately after the disaster providing emergency cares to
victims. Later the band mates were able in building 306 houses in a poor village up in the mountains called Kerabari (Gorkha – Ward No. 1, 2, 7 & 8) and building up a school in Sindhupalchwok District, Bhotsipa – VDC 9 which has been completely destroyed by the earthquake.

All these words and numbers are beautiful and also reassuring because they prove that human race still has a heart and knows to stick together when it matters the most. It also shows to a wider audience that the metal community isn’t violent, stupid or racist.

This is also the main reason; band members from Underside had to cancel the 6
th edition of Silence Festival on 2015. Instead they came up with a fund raiser event “Metal For Nepal – Kathmandu” that was held in September 05, 2015 with Indian & Nepali Metal Bands who played in two different stages to support the humanitarian project by the members from Underside.

Metal Festival with 2 Stage, it happened to be the very first Metal Festival of Nepal with two stages.
The funds collected from this event 2500$ was utilized in building up a School in Sindhupalchwok
District, Bhotsipa – VDC 9.

Now, the members from underside are planning to return to the poor village in Gorkha District on 17th of December. They are collecting warm clothes, blankets and shoes for the villagers at TONE MUSIC STORE.


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